Superman Waterfall – Experience of a Lifetime

Superman waterfall was part of 2000 acres of land grant, handed to three Devaux brothers of Martinique by the French Crown in 1784. After they settled on the lands, the brothers cultivated sugar cane, cocoa, coffee, cotton for exportation mainly to France.

After the fall of sugar cane, cocoa, coffee and cotton in Europe the Devaux brothers sold the land to the Du Boulay family of Soufriere who in turn sold most of the land to different families in the town of Soufriere.

Superman Waterfalls was one of the parcels of lands sold as part of this estate. This estate has a strong culture of the African, Indians and Amerindians heritage which dates backs to 1605. The estate is rich in biodiversity both in flora and fauna, also, it is a prestigious landmark, the sulphur waterfall was featured in the Hollywood Block Buster Movie – Superman 2 starring the late Christopher Reeves in 1980. It also had a song title written by the famous singer Eddy Grant for the song “ROMANCING THE STONE” which was featured in the famous movie “Romancing the Stones” in year 1984 starring Kathleen Turner, Kurt Douglas and Danny Devito.

The waterfall is now renamed Superman Waterfalls and has a long standing history of the African Voodoo Gods who worship at the waterfall.

The estate is abundant with some of the island’s diverse fauna including rare plants and flowers and is home to some of the island’s indigenous species of flowers, Flora and Fauna. The estate also cultivates cocoa (used in the making of chocolate), coffee, coconuts, soursop, wild yams, Taro (also known as dasheen), Tania (also known as eddoes), limes, oranges, grapefruits and breadfruits to name a few.

Notable to this estate is a very rare type of ground lizard called “Vanzo’s or Saint Lucian Whiptail”, which is found on Maria Island.

There are many different species of birds that can be seen nesting in the area. Some of the birds include the chicken hawk, bull finch, banana quid, white breasted thrasher and others.

The waterfall surface rock is colorfully designed depicting white, brown, grey and green. This occurs at various times of the year. The sulfurous water has medicinal properties which can be used as treatment for rheumatism, arthritis, eczema, sun burns, mosquito bites and skin disorders. It has been said, that after bathing in the water it makes one feel ten (10) years younger and feeling completely refreshed. Due to the height from which the water falls onto various parts of the body, it offers a natural back massage – (Therapy for the soul).